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lav eu essential oil

lav eu essential oil

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Breathe easy, relax, and enjoy the calming, spa-like sensations of Lav Eu, a custom blend of 100% pure essential oils. Beyond smelling great, essential oils can also help improve your health and mood. 

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Bespoke blend of 100% pure essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, balsam fir, tea tree.

All oils are undiluted, sustainably-sourced, certified kosher and 100% pure.


15 mL


Lavender: relaxing, calming properties known to ease anxiety & tension, and promote peaceful sleep

Eucalyptus: encourages a relaxing atmosphere, helps to clear breathing passages, mind and senses

Tea Tree: helps promotes healthy immune function and assists in preventing seasonal/environmental threats

Balsam Fir: can help in balancing emotions and support respiratory systems


The information in this section about essential oils is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. According to the FDA, only drugs can make those types of claims, which these products on our website are not.

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