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palo santo room spray

palo santo room spray

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Enliven and refresh your home with this all-natural room & linen spray. Ideal for refreshing the air, linens, upholstery, bedding, bathrooms, cars, clothing and carpeting.

Made with a blend of 100% pure essential oils: palo santo, cedarwood, patchouli, sweet orange.

Aroma: musky, woody, sweet.

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Give the bottle a quick shake before use. Spray into the air and onto fabrics.




  • Palo Santo ("Holy Wood"): South American indigenous cultures have long worshipped this holy wood for its healing and purifying powers, known to stave off inflammation, detoxify the body and relieve stress and pain
  • Virginian Cedarwood: known to benefit respiratory infections, contain antiseptic properties, kill fungal infections and may relieve tension
  • Patchouli: recognized for combating nervous disorders, helping with dandruff, sores, wounds, skin irritations and acne
  • Orange: said to help with anxiety, colds and flu, constipation, depression, inflammation, and stress