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santal & cardamom essential oil

santal & cardamom essential oil

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Sensual, sexy and spicy. An intoxicating medley of earthy sweet cardamom, leathery vetiver, and exotic creamy sandalwood. Woody base notes of cedar, pine and cypress. This custom blend of 100% pure essential oils smells like chai tea, tobacco, open camp fire. Beyond smelling great, essential oils can also help improve your health and mood. 

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Bespoke blend of 100% pure essential oils: cardamom, vetiver, amyris, cedarwood, pine, cypress.

All oils are undiluted, sustainably-sourced, certified kosher and 100% pure.


15 mL


Cardamom: considered a powerful aphrodisiac in India. It is thought to improve libido and help with frigidity and impotence. 

Amyris: similar in scent to sandalwood, it’s calming and soothing effects on the nerves help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep

Vetiver: well known for its calming properties, vetiver oil can help calm the nervous system and can help with sleep

Virginian Cedarwood: known to benefit respiratory infections, contain antiseptic properties, kill fungal infections and may relieve tension

Cypress: has a fresh scent which works well as a deodorant, eliminates bacteria, imparts a clean sensation, can help tighten loose muscles and skin

Pine: said to help with respiratory issues like cold and coughs; it's expectorant properties can help relieve phlegm and mucus


The information in this section about essential oils is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. According to the FDA, only drugs can make those types of claims, which these products on our website are not.

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